New Malaysia and revisiting the May 13 tragedy

We are a much more mature society now and thus our actions are more measured and firmly couched in rationality, writes Azmil...

One year on, time for PH to refocus economy to address plight of bottom...

We also need to recruit a new generation of action-oriented and reformist-minded civil servants, writes Francis Loh.

Narratives of PH governance – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Johan Saravanamuttu looks at how Pakatan Harapan has fared after almost a year in power.

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’

The government must stand resolute - and not cave in to pressure - by always adhering to justice, freedom, solidarity and equality,...

Old habits die hard in supposedly new Malaysia

Instead of being celebrated as an asset to the nation, our ethnic and religious differences have been turned into political capital, laments...

Countering hatred by building bridges

Nothing is more tragic than when hate is expressed so violently as was the case in the recent terror attacks in Melbourne,...

As Umno-Pas combine forces, PH must raise the bar in governance, reforms

PH must govern in a manner which not only instils confidence in voters but sets a new direction for the country, writes...

Quicken the pace from regime change to good governance

An increasing number of people sense that the new government is moving too slowly on this reform journey, writes Ngu Ik Tien....

Don’t let politicians with self-interest hijack New Malaysia ideals

It is important to build character, realise democratic aspirations and stay on the moral high ground, writes Azmil Tayeb.

Getting back on track towards Malaysia Baru and the promises of GE14

Francis Loh explores two major areas where reforms have been lacking: education and local democracy.

Despite political intrigue and defecting MPs, Rakyat must build on democratic gains

The Rakyat of new Malaysia have understood they have the power to bring about change through the ballot box. We must ensure...

Challenging times for new Malaysia

The fact that peace finally prevailed after the Subang Jaya temple incidents and during the anti-Icerd rally shows that the new Malaysia is on...

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