Why deepfakes are so dangerous

Malaysia has a lot of catching up to do on how to tackle deepfakes and the potential threats that could arise with...

Is Malaysia losing the battle to uphold integrity?

It is excruciating to watch a government systematically dismantle any semblance of integrity and accountability, Prema Devaraj writes.

So many issues to debate – but pretend-only parliament adjourned after just two hours!

The virus got rid of our normal way of living. In Malaysia, the backdoor government got rid of a newly achieved normal...

Democracy must not fall victim to Covid-19 

The government must not deny the people the democratic right to demand transparency and accountability, Mustafa K Anuar writes.

Let care, compassion, concern for all become the ‘new normal’

Now, more than ever, we need to think creatively to come up with workable solutions to improve the people’s wellbeing, Henry Loh...

A Tale of Two Crises

Once this latest crisis is over, we need to regain the liberties we have lost and ensure democracy is back in full...

In good times and in bad … we need social democracy

The introduction of social safety nets and policies to safeguard the people’s livelihoods should not wait until a moment of crisis, Johan...

Thoughts in the Time of Coronavirus

It is our civic duty to cooperate with measures being taken to contain the spread of this disease and to build solidarity,...

People matter in electoral reforms

Structural, technical and legislative changes are essential for holistic electoral reforms in Malaysia, but it is also crucial to change the people’s...

Beyond the back door: 5 home truths of Malaysian politics

We have to rebuild and come up with new vehicles to deliver the New Politics that has been hijacked from us temporarily,...

A hybrid schooling model is emerging

Our national education policy should move towards enhancing school autonomy as it is a more effective way of encouraging people to stay...

Proportional representation system for Malaysia?

Ordinary Malaysians should be given the chance to hear and and debate fully the reasons for the proposed system so they can...

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