Push on with reforms to counter divisive politics

Don’t waste the chance to create a truly new Malaysia; quickly implement policies to promote inclusivity and socioeconomic justice, writes Henry Loh.

Meaning of Merdeka in multicultural Malaysia: Reflections from a Cologne playground

Merdeka means freeing ourselves not only from colonialism but also the noxious sentiments preventing us from becoming one community. Azmil Tayeb reflects. 

Controversies and challenges in new Malaysia: A Merdeka reflection

Let’s reflect on how far this country has come and all the work that has to be done to usher in holistic...

The ‘deep state’ and the ‘shallow state’ – A reflection

We must continue to engage the government in its various guises, work with it and implant ideas and agendas that would allow...

In New Malaysia, Pakatan government must prioritise people’s wellbeing

The government must make full use of its remaining years in power to carry out the reforms it promised. The Rakyat are...

Restoring local government polls would empower people in new Malaysia

Much depends on whether civil society can argue convincingly that such elections would promote grassroots democracy, writes Ngu Ik Tien. ...

Distracted by notorious videos, Malaysia must tackle unresolved issues

Henry Loh reminds the government to prioritise the poor and marginalised, and uphold justice and truth at all times.

As ecological problems mount, listen to voices of the young

Given the mess adults have created, youths may have better ideas on how to build a sustainable and happier world, says Mustafa...

Let’s do our part to steer ‘New Malaysia’ forward

It is crucial that we remain aligned not to political parties, political coalitions or individuals, but to principles of human rights and...

New Malaysia and revisiting the May 13 tragedy

We are a much more mature society now and thus our actions are more measured and firmly couched in rationality, writes Azmil...

One year on, time for PH to refocus economy to address plight of bottom...

We also need to recruit a new generation of action-oriented and reformist-minded civil servants, writes Francis Loh.

Narratives of PH governance – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Johan Saravanamuttu looks at how Pakatan Harapan has fared after almost a year in power.

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