Beyond the end of ‘new politics’ in Malaysia … is there hope?

Although the forces behind new politics look a pale shadow of themselves, Johan Saravanamuttu is encouraged by the emergence of an idealistic...

Mengapa Auku harus ditolak: Kebebasan akademik adalah kunci kepada pendidikan berkualiti

Untuk sesebuah negara membangun dan maju, semua orang harus memelihara dan menghormati kebebasan akademik - inikan pula yang di takhta kuasa, tulis...

Politik yang tak pernah terjadi seperti sebelum ini!

Setelah kejadian kontroversi bertimpa-timpa melibatkan wakil rakyat, Prema Devaraj menggesa para pengundi benar-benar meneliti integriti calon-calon apabila keluar mengundi lagi.

Why UUCA must go: Academic freedom is key to quality education

For a nation to grow and progress, all must preserve and respect academic freedom - especially those in power, Khoo Ying Hooi...

Politics like never before!

After a spate of controversial incidents involving elected representatives, Prema Devaraj urges voters to really scrutinise the candidates' integrity the next time...

Najib verdict: Time for quick celebration, then look for ‘new normal’ 

Umno’s failure to reform itself and practise ‘social distancing’ with the convicted former PM could pave the way for a new political...

Back to the future: Returning to the dark days of BN?

The Perikatan Nasional government appears to be regressing to the repressive tactics used by the Barisan Nasional administration in the past, Henry...

How the youth have given us hope with Parlimen Digital

Driven by idealism, aspiring young ‘lawmakers’ brought refreshing ideas to the table during an online session of ‘parliament’. Mustafa K Anuar writes...

Resisting the return of authoritarianism in Malaysia

We must turn the tables and resist these anti-democratic interlopers, Azmil Tayeb writes.  Democratisation is...
black lives matter

Are Malaysians racist? (Black lives matter too in Malaysia)

Looking back at recent developments, Johan Saravanamuttu explores this delicate question in light of global anti-racism protests.

Why deepfakes are so dangerous

Malaysia has a lot of catching up to do on how to tackle deepfakes and the potential threats that could arise with...

Is Malaysia losing the battle to uphold integrity?

It is excruciating to watch a government systematically dismantle any semblance of integrity and accountability, Prema Devaraj writes.

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