Beyond the back door: 5 home truths of Malaysian politics

We have to rebuild and come up with new vehicles to deliver the New Politics that has been hijacked from us temporarily,...

A hybrid schooling model is emerging

Our national education policy should move towards enhancing school autonomy as it is a more effective way of encouraging people to stay...

Proportional representation system for Malaysia?

Ordinary Malaysians should be given the chance to hear and and debate fully the reasons for the proposed system so they can...

Living cautiously in the Year of the Metal Rat

A more multicultural Lunar New Year celebration provided a ray of hope, but Mustafa K Anuar writes the sense of novelty also...

Four 2020 ‘breaking news’ episodes that raised eyebrows in Malaysia

Ahead of the Lunar New Year, Henry Loh reflects on a series of breaking news episodes that raised eyebrows.

Mencari empati dalam perpecahan masyarakat di Malaysia

Jika kita ada cukup orang yang berfikiran sama daripada pelbagai latar belakang yang sanggup mempraktiskan empati, kita mungkin ada peluang untuk membina...

In Search of… empathy in a deeply polarised Malaysia

If there are enough like-minded people from diverse backgrounds willing to practise empathy, then we might stand a chance of building a...

Iltizam 2020, gandakan usaha menuju Malaysia baru

Masih ada sinar harapan jika ramai orang berganding bahu melawan ketidakadilan, rasuah, diskriminasi, ketaksuban dan ekstrimisme, tulis Prema Devaraj.

In 2020, let’s redouble our efforts to build a new Malaysia

There is still hope if sufficient people care enough to stand together against injustice, corruption, discrimination, bigotry and extremism, writes Prema Devaraj....

How to reform Malaysia’s ailing educational system

Francis Loh looks at how greater autonomy, devolution of powers and decentralisation can raise Malaysia's educational standards and restore trust in the...

Ketika pemimpin politik bermain kuasa, rakyat Malaysia bertungkus lumus menyara hidup

Wakil rakyat diberikan tugas dan tanggungjawab untuk menumpukan keperluan asas para pengundi, ujar Henry Loh.

As politicians indulge in power play, ordinary Malaysians struggle

Elected people’s representatives have a duty to focus on voters’ basic needs, asserts Henry Loh.

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