In Search of… empathy in a deeply polarised Malaysia

If there are enough like-minded people from diverse backgrounds willing to practise empathy, then we might stand a chance of building a...

Iltizam 2020, gandakan usaha menuju Malaysia baru

Masih ada sinar harapan jika ramai orang berganding bahu melawan ketidakadilan, rasuah, diskriminasi, ketaksuban dan ekstrimisme, tulis Prema Devaraj.

In 2020, let’s redouble our efforts to build a new Malaysia

There is still hope if sufficient people care enough to stand together against injustice, corruption, discrimination, bigotry and extremism, writes Prema Devaraj....

How to reform Malaysia’s ailing educational system

Francis Loh looks at how greater autonomy, devolution of powers and decentralisation can raise Malaysia's educational standards and restore trust in the...

Ketika pemimpin politik bermain kuasa, rakyat Malaysia bertungkus lumus menyara hidup

Wakil rakyat diberikan tugas dan tanggungjawab untuk menumpukan keperluan asas para pengundi, ujar Henry Loh.

As politicians indulge in power play, ordinary Malaysians struggle

Elected people’s representatives have a duty to focus on voters’ basic needs, asserts Henry Loh.

Writing’s on the wall for PH, unless…

Tanjung Piai has sent a message to the ruling coalition that it must buck up or risk ending up as a one-term...

Why we need ‘multicultural citizenship’

If there is no recognition of the equal worth of citizens by the state and if citizens do not treat their fellow...

Devious politicians are sidetracking the reform agenda

The divisive schemes and shenanigans of certain politicians can not only destabilise the country but also delay crucial long-awaited social reforms, writes...

The more things change, the more they appear to be the same…

It was never going to be easy as we are not undergoing systemic change, only regime change. And this came only after...

Enough of ethno-religious talk; focus on easing people’s plight

It is time to look at the other critical issues affecting the bottom 40%, writes Ngu Ik Tien.

500 days of Pakatan: How has it fared?

The PH government must have a real understanding of the needs of people across the country including those in Sabah and Sarawak,...

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