Why stay? A closer look at domestic violence

Anne Raj looks at the power dynamics at play to understand why some women find themselves unable to leave abusive marriages. ...

Trade unions – to join or not to join?

On balance, unions provide job security and protect the interests of workers in uncertain times, says Ambigapathi Samarasan, who weighs in on...

Drowning in our own rubbish

We must start with household waste and force the habit of separating our rubbish at source, writes P Divakaran.

Malaysia Baru? Realiti masyarakat di sebalik retorik konservatisme dan sekularisme

Kuasa perubahan adalah di tangan rakyat dan aspirasi Malaysia Baru masih boleh direalisasikan jika itu yang rakyat impikan, ujar Nagathisen Katahenggam.

Voting at 18 – but students still suppressed on campus

What is the point of lowering the minimum voting age to 18 when students are not able to express themselves freely on...

Vernacular schools – a never-ending punching bag

Politicians and others with vested interests should stop using vernacular schools as a tool of political expediency to promote their agenda, write...

Stress on the roads: Kota Samarahan pays the price of ‘development’

With no access to public transport, Kota Samarahan residents have to buy cars and grapple with congestion, fumes, stress and financial constraints....

Does power damage the soul?

Rosie Ong wonders if existing political power structures erode the central commitment and passion of serving the public, replacing it with gaining...

The struggles and stress students face

Surekha describes how an education overload is taking its toll on pupils - and nobody seems to hear their anguish. ...

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