Drowning in our own rubbish

We must start with household waste and force the habit of separating our rubbish at source, writes P Divakaran.

Rubaiyat untuk Kalimantan

A poem by Daniel Speziale written in traditional Persian verse form. Hutan menangis...

Malaysia Baru? Realiti masyarakat di sebalik retorik konservatisme dan sekularisme

Kuasa perubahan adalah di tangan rakyat dan aspirasi Malaysia Baru masih boleh direalisasikan jika itu yang rakyat impikan, ujar Nagathisen Katahenggam.

Is Penang still leading?

Penang can lead again: Just discard the SRS transport proposal and return to the original Halcrow plan, writes Eric Cheah.

Ageing with dignity – a challenge for New Malaysia

The expensive cost of home care for the elderly has taken a toll on many middle and low-income families, writes Sheila Rose....

Why stay? A closer look at domestic violence

Anne Raj looks at the power dynamics at play to understand why some women find themselves unable to leave abusive marriages. ...

Local government: No to handpicked councillors

It is about time councillors – like state representatives - are elected, writes David Teoh.

Protest vote for BN – a necessary evil?

John Fong ponders over what kind of message voters were sending out in the recent by-election.

Trade unions – to join or not to join?

On balance, unions provide job security and protect the interests of workers in uncertain times, says Ambigapathi Samarasan, who weighs in on...

Toni Morrison remembered: Black literary icon and Nobel laureate

Viswanathan Selvaratnam pays tribute to Toni Morrison, whose writings and speeches unravelled from the fabric of white-dominated American society the hidden traumatic...

Movement control dilemma: ‘Disobedient Malaysians’ and faulty policy communication

Benjamin Loh recommends that the central theme of the prime minister’s speeches should be social distancing - and everything else should be built around...

Ingatan untuk menjadi pendengar yang sejati

Mulakan sesuatu dengan mendengar dahulu untuk mendapat sokongan dan perhatian; seterusnya tindakan susulan, bantuan atau maklum balas boleh diberikan, ujar Hanis Hafizah....

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