Kepimpinan inklusif pelindung hak beragama

Amat wajar untuk masyarakat mahupun kerajaan berganding bahu membawa kemakmuran bersama yang berpandukan prinsip perpaduan dan keadilan.

Does Muhyiddin have what it takes to remain as PM?

The PM should share with us his plan, his strategic moves to take this country forward.

The Malaysian dilemma – erosion of good governance

We either govern well or else we perish, R Murali Rajaratenam writes.

Campur tangan politik dalam kebebasan akademik perlu dihapuskan

Proses pemilihan naib-canselor di universiti awam mesti bebas daripada pengaruh atau tekanan politik semasa, Ngo Sheau Shi menulis. Jika ditanya sama ada kebebasan akademik penting...

Highlight government ‘leakages’ and take swift action

Just why are there so many cases of corruption, wastage and abuse of public funds? Kanason Pothinker points to a failure of compliance with...

Sabahans, this is the most important election of your lives; your future lies in...

Jem poses some soul-searching questions for Sabahan voters and the ‘frogs’ who have betrayed them. Just two years ago, a Warisan-led coalition took power after...

‘Honesty is a question of right and wrong, not a matter of policy’*

Ethical behaviour in society would be of high standard if that society has laws, policies, rules and procedures evolving out of noble values commonly...

Racism: After 63 years, where is the love, Malaysia?

Racism, a system propagated by irresponsible leaders and racist politicians, breeds hatred. What we need is love to help us heal, Krishnamoorthy Muthaly writes. “What's...

Racism: Have we gone too far?

How can we secure our national interest if we are still facing the same issue due to certain types of people playing the race...

Let Parliament be guardian of national life

Let politicians govern the country through the system of parliamentary democracy - and let democracy flourish unhindered, Phlip Rodrigues writes.  A disturbing trend is developing...

The mother: Stereotype and neuroses

The International Day of the Family today cannot be more than a banal liberal platitude if policymakers insist on confining the meaning of family...

Sarawak, we are far from winning – don’t get too comfortable; ‘ngabang’ can wait

Sarawak celebrates Hari Raya and Gawai soon, but the tradition of visiting each other will have to change, Efy Evita Chalilina writes.  The number of...

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