Racism: After 63 years, where is the love, Malaysia?

Racism, a system propagated by irresponsible leaders and racist politicians, breeds hatred. What we need is love to help us heal, Krishnamoorthy...

Racism: Have we gone too far?

How can we secure our national interest if we are still facing the same issue due to certain types of people playing...

Let Parliament be guardian of national life

Let politicians govern the country through the system of parliamentary democracy - and let democracy flourish unhindered, Phlip Rodrigues writes. 

The mother: Stereotype and neuroses

The International Day of the Family today cannot be more than a banal liberal platitude if policymakers insist on confining the meaning...

Sarawak, we are far from winning – don’t get too comfortable; ‘ngabang’ can wait

Sarawak celebrates Hari Raya and Gawai soon, but the tradition of visiting each other will have to change, Efy Evita Chalilina writes. 

Covid-19 blues: Away from home, international students face added stress

The initial fear over the pandemic has settled but anxiety lingers over whether we will ever be able to return to our...

Stop the blame game, show more empathy 

We need a more rational and empathetic worldview to counter the excessive judgement being meted out at targeted groups, Koey Xan Xan writes.

Malaysia’s biggest test: Stepping out into the unknown

It will be difficult to venture forward in a new unfamiliar environment, but we must work together as we enter uncertain times....

Who knew our 2020 would be like this?

Think about it: a microscopic element proved more than a match for us human beings, who thought we had everything under control....

Embracing the ‘new normal’: What’s next after the pandemic?

Young people have a huge burden to carry and they must realise that the fight will not be over once the pandemic...

One fate, one humanity: Lessons from the coronavirus

If one virus can destroy us and our powerful economies, then why are we divided? Muhammad Mumtaz Ali  writes. 

Why democratic checks and balances are crucial during a pandemic

The suppression of information from citizens during a pandemic is detrimental to any country on many fronts, Ch’ng Chin Yeow writes. 

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