Engage with true representatives of the Myanmar people

The newly appointed Asean special envoy to Myanmar must secure an end to the Myanmar military junta’s violence and engage with true representatives of...

Myanmar critically needs massive UN-mandated humanitarian intervention to fight Covid

The UN Security Council must urgently mandate an international humanitarian intervention in Myanmar, including aid workers on the ground, to get life-saving assistance to...

Myanmar people need urgent aid as junta weaponises Covid crisis

The international community must urgently respond to Myanmar’s crippling Covid-19 crisis and get life-saving assistance across borders into the country through the democracy movement’s...

Cut the impunity in Myanmar: International community must act now

The Special Advisory Council for Myanmar (SAC-M) says that, according to credible reports of archetypal Tatmadaw-style clearance operations, recent Myanmar military offensives, including in...

Aung San Suu Kyi, 76, remains steadfast despite persecution

She now faces a slew of charges that could land her in jail for many more years and prevent her from ever running again for office.

Myanmar: G7 must fill vacuum left by UN and Asean

G7 leaders must stand against authoritarianism and refuse to give any legitimacy to the military junta.

Myanmar: SAC-M launches live record of cuts to junta’s cash

The Special Advisory Council for Myanmar (SAC-M) is launching a live record of actions taken since the attempted coup in Myanmar by states, businesses...

Asean delegation must meet with all relevant parties in Myanmar

Failure to meet with all relevant parties risks lending legitimacy to the junta and undermines the enormous effort and sacrifice made by the people of Myanmar.

Stop enabling Myanmar’s military junta, support global arms embargo

The nine Asean member states that seek to block a UN General Assembly draft resolution calling for a global arms embargo on Myanmar’s military...

Myanmar: Chevron, Total suspend some payments to junta

Governments should take stronger steps to cut natural gas revenues.

Myanmar: Junta abuses and tortures detained women

According to recent reports, Myanmar’s military junta uses torture and sexual violence against detained women.   Victims complained about heavy beatings, sexual abuse during...

Dissolution of NLD will further destabilise Myanmar

The Bersih 2.0 International Bureau (B2IB) regrets the statement by Myanmar’s head of electoral commission, in which the agency said they are considering the...

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