Myanmar: SAC-M launches live record of cuts to junta’s cash

The Special Advisory Council for Myanmar (SAC-M) is launching a live record of actions taken since the attempted coup in Myanmar by states, businesses...

Asean delegation must meet with all relevant parties in Myanmar

Failure to meet with all relevant parties risks lending legitimacy to the junta and undermines the enormous effort and sacrifice made by the people of Myanmar.

Stop enabling Myanmar’s military junta, support global arms embargo

The nine Asean member states that seek to block a UN General Assembly draft resolution calling for a global arms embargo on Myanmar’s military...

Myanmar: Chevron, Total suspend some payments to junta

Governments should take stronger steps to cut natural gas revenues.

Myanmar: Junta abuses and tortures detained women

According to recent reports, Myanmar’s military junta uses torture and sexual violence against detained women.   Victims complained about heavy beatings, sexual abuse during...

Dissolution of NLD will further destabilise Myanmar

The Bersih 2.0 International Bureau (B2IB) regrets the statement by Myanmar’s head of electoral commission, in which the agency said they are considering the...

Thailand: Deporting DVB reporters to Myanmar would violate international law

Journalists have been systematically targeted as the military tries to suppress information circulating about its violent onslaught against civilians.

Myanmar military targeting medical professionals

The country’s healthcare system has always been totally inadequate, but it is now being systematically destroyed by the military.

Inside Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

In Yangon, a musician and his sister have, for the last two months, been filming for the BBC. They take us inside their fight.

Myanmar coup: Asean five-point consensus a tentative starting point

The Special Advisory Council for Myanmar (SAC-M) says the five-point consensus reached during the Asean leaders' meeting on 24 April is a tentative starting...

Myanmar military launches more air strikes after ethnic Karen fighters attack army outpost

The hostilities near the Salween River in Myanmar’s eastern Kayin state are described as one of the worst clashes since the 1 February coup,...

Suspend Myanmar from Asean, 872 NGOs urge region’s leaders

The suspension should only be lifted once the military junta accepts the authority of the national unity government and democracy is fully established.

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