Plight of the Rohingya: Asean must take firm action

The regional grouping cannot put on blinkers when fundamental human rights are trampled upon.

Nationwide New Year strikes show the strength of democratic resistance in Myanmar

The NUG is deserving of recognition as the government of Myanmar, according to internationally accepted criteria.

Foreign ambassadors holding shameful meetings with Min Aung Hlaing are on the wrong side...

Australian, Indian and Saudi Arabian ambassadors should be deeply ashamed of holding meetings with the leader of the illegal military junta in Myanmar while...

Myanmar military leaders must be prosecuted for genocide without further delay

The international community must ensure that leaders of the Myanmar military are prosecuted for genocide in international courts without further delay, following the US...

UN secretary general repeating cycle of UN failure in Myanmar

The UN secretary general’s dismissal of the crisis in Myanmar and past UN failure is shameful and plays to the advantage of the Myanmar...

US government’s genocide determination on Rohingya

We, the Women’s Peace Network, welcome the US government’s determination today that the crimes committed against Rohingya amount to genocide and crimes against humanity....

Remember the brave women of Myanmar standing up to the brutal military junta

Hold the Myanmar military accountable for its heinous crimes.

Disgraceful ICJ decision irresponsible and unnecessary delay to justice

The hearings concerning The Gambia’s case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) are a dangerous and unnecessary delay to justice that...

Why wait, Hun Sen?

Asean must exert real pressure on the Myanmar junta now.

Myanmar: First anniversary of 1 February military coup

On the one-year anniversary of the coup attempt, we, the Women’s Peace Network, are extremely distressed that the Myanmar military and security forces are...

Myanmar: Investigating crimes against humanity

The UN Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar is tasked with collecting evidence of war crimes against civilians in Myanmar.Astro Awani's Melisa Idris and Sharaad...

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