Ganesan’s presence caused State Assembly ruckus

The claim by self-proclaimed Speaker of the Perak State Assembly, R Ganesan, that he had no choice but to summon the police into the...

Corruption is corruption!

Corruption is corruption, Mr Prime Minister. There are no two ways about it. You cannot minimise the crime by camouflaging the offence under some...

Najib’s new cabinet

There had been speculation that the new cabinet would be smaller than the previous one. Well, it’s smaller in the sense there are 28...

Interview with Farish Noor

Farish Noor discusses race relations and sectarian politics in Malaysia.

Hypocritical moral outrage?

Aliran is perturbed that the personal privacy and space of Bukit Lanjan Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong has been violated in the most callous and vicious...

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