Allow Parliament to test new PM’s support

Aliran is appalled over the ousting of a democratically elected government by MPs who cast aside the five-year mandate given by voters...

Resist attempted coup in Malaysia!

Aliran is disgusted over the political chicanery of politicians who have clearly betrayed the people’s trust and put their lust for power...

Right decision to drop charges against 12 accused of supporting LTTE

Aliran welcomes the attorney general's decision to drop charges against 12 individuals who were arrested and accused of supporting the Liberation Tigers...

Jangan tembak pembawa utusan: Rekod-rekod yang didedahkan oleh SPRM adalah untuk kepentingan awam

Pada 8 Januari 2020, pada satu sidang akhbar, Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) telah menyiarkan rakaman sembilan perbualan rahsia.

Don’t shoot the messenger: Recordings revealed by MACC are of public interest

On 8 January 2020, at a press conference, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) released nine secretly recorded telephone conversations.

Kabinet, Parlimen perlu halang penjualan PLUS kepada pihak swasta

Aliran bimbang tentang kemungkinan penjualan syarikat operasi lebuhraya terbesar negara, PLUS Malaysia Bhd kepada pihak swasta.

Cabinet, Parliament must block sale of PLUS to private interests

Aliran is concerned about the possible sale of PLUS Malaysia Bhd, the largest highway operator in the country, to private interests.

Aliran calls on police to respect people’s constitutional rights 

Aliran endorses the call by MP Charles Santiago, the chairperson of the parliamentary Select Committee on Human Rights and Constitutional Affairs, to...

Altantuya: For God’s sake, why and who?

This was a media statement written that Aliran first published on 7 February 2015. The issues raised then remain just as relevant today: The passing...

Speaker Parlimen mesti bertindak tegas terhadap ahli-ahli Parlimen yang bermasaalah

Aliran teramat bimbang terhadap kurangnya rasa hormat dan kesopanan yang dipaparkan oleh beberapa ahli Parlimen dalam dewan yang mulia.

Parliamentary speaker must act firmly against troublemaker MPs

Aliran notes with grave concern the utter lack of respect and decorum displayed by some members of Parliament in the august house.  To...

Mainan politik berlebihan boleh mengetepikan harapan reformis dalam Malaysia baharu

Ahli Aliran yang menghadiri Majlis Am Tahunan (MAT) ke43 pagi ini melafazkan kebimbangan mereka terhadap mainan politik berlebihan yang boleh mengetepikan harapan...

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