US FTA a different ball game altogether

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between Malaysia and the United States, which kicked off yesterday (12 June 2006) on the island of Penang,...

Ijok: Crossing the line for electoral gains

It’s a sign of the times when political leaders, government functionaries and, lo and behold, certain journalists consciously blur the line between the ethical...

Hindraf rally: Mainstream media deny stark reality at their own peril

The mainstream press yesterday (26 November), particularly The Star and the New Straits Times, appeared to have shared something in common: a blinkered perspective of the recent...

Smoke and mirrors

By no stretch of the imagination can what is being proposed - with the conditions imposed - be interpreted as ‘free and fair access’...

Of local councils, legislation, and almost anything under the sun

The syndrome of closing one eye to things illegal or improper, it appears, did not stop in Jasin, Melaka. Such a callous and irresponsible...

The article the NST spiked

The following press analysis was originally written for the New Straits Times following its invitation to us to contribute a regular column. But this...

Bersih rally: The demonisation continues

The Star, among other dailies, today carried a front-page banner headline that screamed, “No consent” (referring to the Yang DiPertuan Agong's apparent disapproval of...

BN confesses: RTM “a govt dept”

The Barisan Nasional government has surprisingly admitted that RTM is its mouthpiece! Whether he did this so inadvertently or after being flustered while searching...

Amir speaks, Rais gives hope

Due to its subject-matter, we were asked to hold a special screening for Special Branch officers, said director Amir Muhammad of his now banned...

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