Ijok: Zam upset with BBC interview with Anwar

Like many of their dutiful journalists in the mainstream media, some government ministers have shown through their recent antics and expressions that this is...

National unity and marriages of convenience?

In what appears to be a subdued celebration -- in contrast to the recent 50th Merdeka bash -- of the 44th anniversary of the...

US FTA a different ball game altogether

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between Malaysia and the United States, which kicked off yesterday (12 June 2006) on the island of Penang,...

Marginalised Mahathir

Much water has passed under the Crooked - or if you insist, Scenic - Bridge. Accolades to the Abdullah administration havecome from BN politicians,...

Greenwashing the Star

So the Star has gone “green” to mark World Environment Day on 5 June. But beneath this superficial green facade, the contradictions faced by...

NGOs face PGCC media blackout

A packed press conference - followed by a virtual media blackout! It's a familiar story. Largely influenced by powerful political and corporate interests, the...

These blind media, see how they report

Some local media organisations unfortunately chose to cast a blind eye to the KL anti-war demonstration yesterday. Basic journalism tells us that...

Protestors’ hot air gets more media coverage

It is good for all Malaysians that the Article 11-Bar Council forum held in Johor Baru on 22 July did not end up with...

RTM’s woeful coverage of opposition views

Would it be too much to ask of Information Minister Rais Yatim and RTM to be fairer in dealing with news and views from...

Public must not get spooked by Perkasa

On 10 August, Perkasa made a police report against CPI columnist Ms Helen Ang, calling for her to be investigated under the Sedition Act...

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