Deafening silence

See no evil, hear no evil… that seems to be the policy of the mainstream English papers when it comes to reporting on...

NST’s principled stand

The NST on 17 May came up with a refreshing editorial in support of democratic rights in the light of the disruption of the...

Forum disruption, media evasion

The controversy generated by the disruption of Sunday’s forum in Penang on the supremacy of the Federal Constitution continued to be reported today.The New...

Are you serious?

The Sunday Star on 7 May 2006 published an amazing piece of ‘soap box’ rhetoric in their “Your Say” column. This “Morally Upright Citizen”...

Amir speaks, Rais gives hope

Due to its subject-matter, we were asked to hold a special screening for Special Branch officers, said director Amir Muhammad of his now banned...

Farewell, MGG Pillai

Today, veteran journalist MGG Pillai is laid to rest. We mourn the passing of this most colourful of characters who regularly fired broadsides against...

Marginalised Mahathir

Much water has passed under the Crooked - or if you insist, Scenic - Bridge. Accolades to the Abdullah administration havecome from BN politicians,...

The article the NST spiked

The following press analysis was originally written for the New Straits Times following its invitation to us to contribute a regular column. But this...

Spinning around the crooked bridge

Good sense appeared to prevail when the PM decided to dump the half/crooked/scenic bridge project.  But why the decision?  The PM said it was...

May the Force be with you

The police force has raised concern among many Malaysians especially in the wake of recent cases of alleged...

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