Malaysia rises to No. 92 in press freedom rankings

Malaysia has risen from 113th spot to 92nd place in the latest global press freedom rankings. Not only that, it is now the second...

MCA reduces stake in Nanyang by half

The mainstream press is abuzz, and rightly so, with the latest news of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), through its investment arm Huaren Holdings, selling...

X-Men vs The Da Vinci Code… zzzzzz

I was on the long haul flight home from my much-needed break, from which, I must say, I feel much more “bright eyed and...

Lim says “No!” to Internet censorship

We are heartened that Energy, Water and Communications Minister Lim Keng Yaik has cleared up the haze of confusion generated by Information Minister Zainuddin...

Zam blurs the demarcating line

Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin’s latest salvo on the need for the government to impose control over the Internet is certainly worrying as it may...

Zam’s warning scares media off demo

On 28 July, Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin issued a stern warning to mainstream newspapers that appear to him inclined to raise issues that are...

Protestors’ hot air gets more media coverage

It is good for all Malaysians that the Article 11-Bar Council forum held in Johor Baru on 22 July did not end up with...

Ethnic Relations book fiasco leaves sour taste

After a heated debate in Parliament over the textbook or guidebook for the Ethnic Relations course at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s...

Burning concern for democracy and press freedom

In the midst of the Mahathir-Abdullah spat and consequent spin-doctoring among the journalistic fraternity in Malaysia, a commentary that condemns the latest book ban...

Open houses, closed minds, silent press

The practice of having open houses during religious festivals has become so much a part of Malaysian life and culture that it is almost...

US FTA a different ball game altogether

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between Malaysia and the United States, which kicked off yesterday (12 June 2006) on the island of Penang,...

Press council bill a farce

Charter 2000-Aliran has dissected the proposed bill to set up a Media Council, and its findings are not pretty. There appear to be virtually...

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