More BN “whipping boys” – migrants and refugees

TV3’s 360 programme telecast on 16 July 2008 and hosted by Mazidul Akmal Sidik was a parody of investigative reporting. The programme...

Civil society groups launch election media monitors’ blog

Three civil society groups have launched a citizens' intiative to monitor the media coverage of the general election camapaign and to straighten out any...

Samy grilled in India: Two different papers, one similar report

The mysteries of Malaysian journalism: The Star and theSun have produced separate reports written by their respective journalists about the grilling of Samy Vellu...


The mainstream press yesterday predictably milked to the last drop what’s left of MCA vice-president Dr Chua Soi Lek, who had confessed publicly that...

Hindraf linked to terrorists? Feeling good for wrong reasons

Yesterday's evening English news bulletin over "Feel Good" channel ntv7 made an amazing statement. In the attempt to mud-sling Hindraf leaders, the government inadvertently and definitely...

Just fancy that! Info Czar Zam scolds theSun for Bar walk report

The Sunday Star yesterday, in a report headlined “Ministry displeased over reports on walk”, told its readers how upset Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin was with a...

Hindraf rally: Mainstream press spins to dizzying heights

Very much informed and persuaded by the government’s illiberal stand on citizens’ right to public assembly such as the recent Hindraf and Bersih rallies, the major newspapers,...

Hindraf rally: Mainstream media deny stark reality at their own peril

The mainstream press yesterday (26 November), particularly The Star and the New Straits Times, appeared to have shared something in common: a blinkered perspective of the recent...

What dogs the Malaysian mainstream media?

The Star (22 November 2007) curiously carried a piece (“Media needs to be effective”) written by one of its columnists, M. Veera Pandiyan, who...

BN confesses: RTM “a govt dept”

The Barisan Nasional government has surprisingly admitted that RTM is its mouthpiece! Whether he did this so inadvertently or after being flustered while searching...

Bersih rally: The demonisation continues

The Star, among other dailies, today carried a front-page banner headline that screamed, “No consent” (referring to the Yang DiPertuan Agong's apparent disapproval of...

Mainstream media demonising Bersih demonstrators

The peaceful demonstration against unfair elections in Kuala Lumpur organised by Bersih on Saturday, 10 Nov 2007 once again exposed the utter complicity and...

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