Residents’ association protests against Penang’s mega-reclamation project

The state government needs to see this as a watershed moment in history.

Land reclamation: Where’s Penang’s competency, accountability, transparency?

The original justification for the PSR was to finance the transport plan. But now the justification and the link between the two have disappeared.

Gamuda – double dipping or triple dipping?

It is the Penang state government’s duty to protect the public interest and not get all entangled with private interests.

Reject reclamation, save our seas

It is not cool to try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes about something as calamitous as large-scale reclamation.

Selling Penang for a song?

This new arrangement clearly does not make any economic, financial and ecological sense.

Bait-and-switch mega-reclamation? 10 key questions for Penang

Since 2015, the fishermen of Penang have been protesting against the Penang South Reclamation (PSR), a project of the Penang state government which will...

Penang Forum applauds council’s destruction of illegal structures on flattened hill top

The council must also step up vigilance and enforcement action on all hill sites across Penang Island.

PTMP telah gagal: Batalkan semua perjanjian bersama SRS

Dapatkan kumpulan pakar yang bebas serta diiktiraf pihak antarabangsa untuk membuat pelan mobiliti lestari yang tulen yang mengutamakan manusia dan ekosistem.

PTMP has failed: Terminate all agreements with SRS Consortium

Get a team of internationally recognised independent experts to design a genuine sustainable mobility plan that puts people and the ecosystem first.

Draft Penang Hill special area plan: What you need to know

Are you concerned about the planned Penang Hill cable car? The large structures being proposed for the Penang Hill summit centre?Join Penang Forum on...

Penang state government should not burden people with more risks

Penang Forum has repeatedly alerted the Penang state government to the financial risks of funding the PTMP with revenue from land reclamation.The Penang state...
water catchement area and forests in Penang

Why Penang must say no to cable car project

Penang Hills Watch (PHW) refers to a news report which highlighted the proposal for an over RM300m cable car route from Penang Hill to...

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