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Improve recruitment methods for migrant workers

The Back for Good amnesty programme for foreign workers ended on Dec 31. However, there are still many concerns that the Migrant Workers Right...

Knowns and unknowns of ‘Penang South Reclamation’

Ahmad Izzudin speaks to Khoo Salma Nasution about the "things the state government doesn't want you to know".

Latheefa: I will not be threatened or intimidated

The public has placed great faith in the MACC to cleanse our country from the scourge of corruption, says Latheefa Koya....

Penang Bayan Lepas LRT – moving people or moving goalposts?

Flawed thinking by government decision-makers will lead to white elephant projects, a ruined environment and a massive debt burden to future generations, says Khoo...

Academic reform in Sarawak: Is there an issue?

The Malaysian Academic Movement (Gerak) is dismayed to learn of the resignation of internationally renowned academic Tan Sri Dr Kamal Salih as chairman...

No war on Iran!

We, the undersigned organisations, are deeply concerned over the extremely serious and dangerous escalation of recent conflict between the US and Iran.

No need to fault Latheefa Koya’s release of phone recordings

Patriot would like to see swift action and investigations opened into those alleged to be involved in the commission of an alleged crime...

Though broadcasting is improper, thorough probe of revelations must be carried out immediately 

The Malaysian Bar is shocked and appalled to read of reports detailing the damning revelations alleging political conspiracy at the highest levels.

On the brink of war?

Trump’s abuse of power is characteristic of a government which more often than not has behaved as if established law and civilised...

Malaysian Bar calls on authorities to act on recent statutory declaration revelations 

The Malaysian Bar is disturbed to read of the revelations contained in Azilah Hadri’s statutory declaration as reported by the media.

Gerak appalled at Unimap vice-chancellor’s response to ethnic relations exam paper 

The Malaysian Academic Movement (Gerak) is appalled at the statement  by R Badlishah Ahmad, the vice-chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap), regarding the controversy...

Provision in Sosma denying bail held to be unconstitutional 

The Malaysian Bar welcomes the recent decision of the High Court in granting Gadek assembly person G Saminathan's application for an order...

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