Malaysia’s political economy and the international economic crisis

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah looks back on the evolution of the Malaysian economy. Malaysians, he says, need to examine our political economy to find out...

Thinking Allowed: Fox guarding the chicken coop

Worrisome takes a light-hearted look at Najib's takeover of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry after Shahrizat's fall from grace. To a query...

Farewell, Brother Charles

Today, St Xavier's Institution celebrates the 160th anniversary of the La Salle Brothers' landing in Penang in 1852 to take over this mission school....

Poverty, inequality and crocodiles in Sarawak

As long as there are huge man-eating crocodiles in rivers to blame, the political and corporate crocodiles of Sarawak will continue feasting - unconscionably...

Old Malay movies: Reel life and real life

Soon Chuan Yean reviews Amir Muhammad’s book on old Malay movies and finds that ‘reel life’ in those classic flicks often reflected the ‘real...

Workers’ and trade union rights in BN-ruled Malaysia (Part 2)

Under this pro-business BN government, trade unions have been weakened and workers'bargaining powers eroded, writes Charles Hector. As of January 2012, the employed labour...

An alternative vision for transport in Malaysia

We need to bring together a coalition of individuals and groups who are committed to sustainable public transport and put it on the national...

Albert Luthuli

Alan Paton pays tribute to the legendary Chief Albert Luthuli, the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize winner, for his role in the non-violent struggle against...

Madam Yap Swee (Dearest mother of Dr Chia Thye Poh)

Madam Yap has been relieved of her lifelong suffering. May the PAP government one day realise the sufferings and hardship it has caused to...

Relevance of Gandhiji’s teachings to contemporary society

The magic of Gandhi is that his actions and ideas on how to fight injustice or spearhead change are universal and still relevant today,...

The anti-Lynas movement: Are we being unreasonable?

Given all the uncertainties, can we take the risk and make the several thousands of residents of Kuantan the guinea pigs, wonders Jeyakumar Devaraj....

Hudud – Where is Allah’s compassion?

Humans should stop punishing fellow humans for crimes against God. God knows how to handle such situations, writes Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan. Every other...

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