Dialogue with a Rohingya refugee

Far away from their homeland, the Rohingyas in Malaysia can only wring their hands in despair over the agonising hardships faced by their families...

Invasion of the El-gee-bee-Tees!

Cecil Rajendra came up with this little poem to warn parents to keep a sharp eye on their children. Invasion of the El-gee-bee-Tees! Parents, Teachers,...

Malaysia’s Umno in survival mode

Umno faces the rise of an unprecedented number of young and more urbanised voters who have little appetite for neither its old-style racial politics...

Can Malaysia relinquish communal governance?

If Malaysians are determined to get out of our communal rut, we have to learn to respect one another, individually and as communities of...

Aliran Monthly 32:10 editor’s note

Umno faces the rise of an unexpected number of young, more urbanised voters who have little appetite for its old-style racial politics nor its...

Arrival of New Politics undermines Old Politics (Part 1 of 2)

Umno-BN continues to manipulate ethno-religious issues to delay the emergence of a New Politics that is associated with justice, equality and freedom, and the...

Master photographers: The Professor and The Doctor

Penang has in Ismail Hashim and Ooi Cheng Ghee two black-and-white photographers par excellence, writes Cecil Rajendra. In this digital age with its emphasis...

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