A different Merdeka Eve

Unlike previously, this year's official celebrations unfolded with government politicians casting a keen eye towards having to recapture lost ground in the imminent general...

From the ‘Borneo Agenda’ to a ‘People’s Agenda’

In our cover story, Faisal S Hazis says that the people of Sabah and Sarawak need a government that puts people at the forefront...

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, Tun

Isn't Mahathir, in his desperation to ensure the BN remains in power forever, indulging in undemocratic actions to deny the opposition the space and...

Democracy at work: Empowering people

In a unique experiment, ordinary people were provided with a means to express their preference and their feedback was taken seriously, reports Henry Loh....

Aliran condemns slur on Muslims, urges dialogue

We refer to the low-budget movie 'Innocence of Muslims' that was made by a 'Sam Bacile', which depicted the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a...

‘Say No to Racism’ workshop

Lucia Lai reports on an anti-racism workshop in Penang that hopes to campaign for the pulling down of the barriers that divide us. Aliran...

On revisiting Gandhi

Power should be based only on people’s unity, which in turn should be based on justice on the one hand and people’s dignity and...

Suaram hounded, harassed for trying to expose corruption

The only crime committed by Suaram – it seems - it had dared to expose the massive corruption involving the Ministry of Defence when...

People power – or money rules?

Dave Anthony says that an escape clause should be inserted into contracts to ensure that corporate projects unfriendly to the people and/or the environment...

Suaram witch-hunt farce: Who has the Western connections?

Along with scores of other NGOs, Aliran has endorsed a joint campaign 'Stand up for Suaram'. The campaign aims to mobilise support for Suaram...

Aliran Monthly 32: 8 editor’s note

This issue focuses on various markers of identity: regional, ethnic, religious and gender. In our cover story, Faizal S Hazis says that the people of...

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