Thinking Allowed: The journey of a diamond ring

Inspired by fashion accessories that stirred a storm, Dangerous Journey put pen to paper and rustled up three short poems. A RM72 million diamond...

Umno, how much did you spend to bring your crowd?

Compare the attendance at Umno's 66th anniversary celebration at Bukit Jalil Stadium on 11 May to the Bersih 3.0 turnout. There is simply no...

Thinking Allowed: Fox guarding the chicken coop

Worrisome takes a light-hearted look at Najib's takeover of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry after Shahrizat's fall from grace. To a query...

Thinking Allowed: ‘WWW’ car number plates

In the rest of the world, ‘WWW’ stands for 'World Wide Web' but in Bolehland, it stands for 'Wealth Without Work', writes Sickos. It...

Concerned scholars call for fair elections

A group of 20 Malaysian scholars have called for a level playing field in the coming general election to ensure the result carries greater...

Irshad Manji. What is in her books? Is our faith so fragile?

As Manji rightly says, God’s post is already filled and there is no vacancy. So let’s stop playing God, reiterates Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan....

The Good Guy with the Goodies

'Inspired' by Najib's spree of handouts, People Watch was prompted to write this little poem. ‘PM: Don’t idolise the bad guys’ (The Star, 12...

Worker and trade union rights in BN-ruled Malaysia (Part 1)

In the first of a two-part article, Charles Hector examines how a pro-business government has led to a steady weakening of workers’ rights and...

The rise of valiant women

At a time when some of us might bemoan and feel helpless in the face of an oppressive political culture, Dave Anthony says we...

Aliran Monthly 32: 5 editor’s note

In our cover story, Mustafa K Anuar argues that civilised and uncivilised behaviour defies labelling western or eastern; in fact such behaviour whether positive...

1Malaysia – Continued fragmentation

K Haridas looks at Najib’s ‘1Malaysia’ slogan and wonders how different it is from Mahathir’s ‘Wawasan 2020’ and Badawi’s ‘Islam hadhari’ buzz-words. Can we...

Dataran Merdeka – who owns it?

The powers-that-be must get it into their thick heads that the whole country, every inch of it, belongs to the people, asserts Tota. Over...

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