131 academics, researchers in solidarity with Prof Abdul Aziz Bari

We, the undersigned Malaysian academics and researchers, as well as colleagues from other countries researching on Malaysia, wish to record our serious concern and...

Letter to a dead man about the Occupation of Hope

Rebecca Solnit describes how the death of a Tunisian vegetable seller became the catalyst for the fall of so many dictators in what is...

MTUC nationwide picket against Employment Act amendments

Anil Netto reports on the MTUC’s nationwide picket against amendments to the Employment Act last month. Almost a thousand people in Prai braved a...

Victim advocacy: The need to move forward

Bad news comes in the form of worrying sexual crime statistics. Prema Devaraj highlights the importance of providing opportunities for victims to articulate their...

Aliran Monthly 31:10 editor’s note

In our cover story, Subramaniam Pillay looks at the worrying trend of rising federal government debt and wonders if Malaysia will go bankrupt. At...

Withdraw unjust proposed amendments to Employment Act

More than a hundred civil society groups from across the region have endorsed a statement opposing these amendments, which they feel will undermine the...

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