It was People Power that finished off the ISA

Prime Minister Najib Razak's announcement that the ISA and the Emergency Ordinance would be repealed has taken the nation by surprise. He also announced...

Memories of ISA

We feature a glimpse of what certain ISA detainees went through in the past and also showcase a collection of books by previous ISA...

Aliran Monthly 31: 9 editor’s note

Najib’s announcement about the imminent repeal of the ISA and emergency era laws caught many by surprise. As Anil Netto writes in our cover...

Transforming the ISA: Old poison in new bottle

Malaysians would do well to demand that there is no return to detention without charge, writes Kua Kia Soong. Prime Minister Najib Razak’s recent...

Charles Hector’s case: A judicial denial of justice

The outcome of the case between a Japanese MNC and activist-lawyer Charles Hector indicates widening protectionism of the corporate agenda, reports Angeline Loh. The...

Lynas’ waste management proposal: Miti contradicts itself

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Miti) has responded to M N D'Cruz's critical article on Lynas' rare earth refinery under construction near...

Double standards in Australia-Malaysia refugee swap deal

Aliran is dismayed that the most fundamental requirements of refugee protection, especially the basic human rights of all refugees, is not covered by the...

The elephant in the (news)room

Mustafa K Anuar writes that the mainstream press' disregard of the Bersih phenomenon was tantamount to their abandoning journalistic ethics and a commitment to...

Repeal of ISA: GMI responds

It is not just the ISA that must be repealed. All detention-without-trial laws and other repressive legislation must also go, asserts Syed Ibrahim Syed...

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