NO to the LAMP project

The People's Green Coalition submitted a memorandum to the IAEA panel investigation on the "public nuisance" of the LAMP project in Gebeng Industrial Estate,...

Australia-Malaysia deal endangers asylum seekers

In the Australia-Malaysia refugees-for-asylum seekers swap deal recently inked, vulnerable displaced eople are being treated like commodities that can be bartered, writes Angeline Loh....

Keep Lynas plant out

Does it not seem unconscionable that ore containing radioactive material should be shipped 4000km from Australia to Malaysia for the monetary gain of Lynas...

Aliran Monthly 31: 5 editor’s note

In our cover story, 2Khoo looks at the big debate about migration and the brain drain. We suffer the worst of both worlds: at...

The Arab revolutions and the democratic imagination

The revolutionary democrats of the Arab world have an opportunity to bring about the next stage in the global democratic revolution, observes Walden Bello....

Mainstreaming the lunatic fringe?

At the very least Malaysians expect the PM to categorically denounce extremist expressions, writes Mustafa K Anuar. In the recent past, middle-ground Malaysia has...

How GE 2011 proved me — oh, so wonderfully! — wrong

In Singapore, a newly energised opposition and a newly empowered electorate, two little Davids, have brought Goliath to his knees, writes Catherine Lim. I...

History or Soviet-style propaganda? That is the question

History taught in schools should be a people’s history that gives adequate recognition to a broad spectrum of social movements and which is people-centred,...

Singapore General Election 2011: At a glance

The Singapore general election was a watershed poll in many ways. Dr Terence Chong provides a snapshot view of some of the highlights of...

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