Nobel laureates urge nuclear weapons abolition

Nobel Peace laureates and representatives of Nobel Peace Prize organisations gathered in Hiroshima and came up with a declaration calling for the abolition of...

Historic pilot local council polls

Penangites turned out enthusiastically to support a civil society initiative towards local democracy, reports Tan Seng Hai. It was a crispy Sunday morning (14...

Mahatma, Obama and India

Despite his tribute to Gandhi, it is obvious that Obama is promoting skewed development which grinds down the poor, observes Asghar Ali Engineer. Obama...

The Philippines and Penang: The challenge of deepening democracy

It is by thinking up more creative means of engagement, rather than counting more reasons for resignation, that we subvert the sources of our...

Where have all our funds gone, long time passing…?

A million ringgit in allocations per constituency from the Prime Minister's Department adds up to RM 222 million each year – and that is...

‘Continuing the people’s aspirations’

Pakatan state chief ministers got together in Shah Alam and came up with a joint resolution that they hoped would further the people's aspirations....

Aliran Monthly 30:10 editor’s note

In a creative initiative to push for the restoration of local council elections, Penang civil society groups under the Penang Forum held a public...

Colonisation again?

The FTA issue is so serious; and the fact that the Malaysian government is taking it so lightly is alarming, says Sarajun Hoda Abdul...

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