How Selangor won over the Orang Asli

The Pakatan-led government had from the beginning stated its good intentions for the community - and it has walked the talk, says Colin Nicholas....

Remembering Beng Hock in Penang

If the present government does not want to change the system, then the rakyat can change the Government in the next GE. S H...

Deaths in custody

Charles Hector looks at the big picture of custodial deaths and calls on the government to end this terrible plague. Deaths in custody in...

The quest for justice continues

... for Aminulrasyid, Azzamudin, Mohd Afham, Norizan Salleh, Shahril Azlan and A Kugan ... as Lawyers for Liberty submit a memorandum to the Home...

Stop the cover up: Disease doesn’t discriminate

Efforts to raise public awareness of leptospirosis prevention measures appear to be more low key in contrast to past and ongoing health campaigns for...

When KPIs enter the courts

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been introduced in courts to improve efficiency. But the preoccupation with the speedy disposal of cases may come at...

The cost of cheap shopping

The more consolidated the retail market becomes, the easier it will be for large corporations to exploit farmers and other small suppliers, writes Max...

Labour law amendments

Workers are being squeezed as proposed labour law amendments do little to remedy long-standing injustices for employees, points out Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud. The...

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