Orang Asli struggle for customary lands continues

It is high time that the government thinks ‘out-of–the box’ and explores the notion that Orang Asli progress lies in empowering Orang Asli...

Aliran Monthly 30: 6 editor’s note

Challenges to press freedom have emerged as opposition parties run into difficulties in renewing permits for their party newspapers. Such obstacles strengthen the  suspicion...

A change is gonna come

Wong Soak Koon reports on an Aliran fund-raising dinner that rekindled in those gathered a sense of renewed hope that the future would bring...

Why licensing publications is undemocratic

Executive intervention in the media strengthens the suspicion that the BN government doesn’t take kindly to criticism from various quarters, notes Mustafa K Anuar. Harakah,...

What else are they going to control?

Whether it is to access alternative views or just simply to have fun reading cartoons or wearing funny T-shirts, our right to make decisions...

A change is going to come

An inspired Kee Thuan Chye penned a poem specially for Aliran's 'People First, Democracy Now!' night attended by a full house of 700 diners....

Rededicate ourselves to the struggle

People First means Ketuanan Rakyat: we believe that it is the people who should shape our politics, manage our economy and build our nation. ...

East Asia’s excessive dependence on exports

Due to the global crisis, China and other East Asian nations have to rethink their economic strategy, writes Martin Khor.     As the global economic crisis...

Social contract: View it objectively

Historical facts should be projected in the right perspective without any bias, say P Sivakumar. I refer to the article entitled, ‘“The Tunku, Merdeka...

Cheonan sinking and new Cold War in Asia

Now is the time to find a way to prevent a confrontation on the Korean peninsula, says Wooksik Cheong. While there was a huge...

Malaysia’s invisible blockade

Don’t weep for Gaza only; weep also for refugees and migrants in Malaysia, says Angeline Loh.   In the aftermath of the Israeli marine forces’ attack...

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