Speak to us, Mama

Horrified by the carnage during the Gulf War in 1991, Fan Yew Teng tapped furiously on his typewriter to come up with this emotionally...

Commission of courage

In a piece written in 1995, Fan Yew Teng challenges the Election Commission chief to emulate the trail-blazing success of his courageous and independent-minded...

Fan Yew Teng

P Ramakrishnan gives us a glimpse into the life and times of the late Fan Yew Teng, an extraordinary political activist who refused to...

Nuclear Malaysia: Red flag in a greening global economy

Going nuclear would be sheer short-sightedness for a country blessed with abundant renewable sources of clean power, writes Ken Yeong. Before the Malaysian government...

Where the mind is without fear

Lilianne Fan pays tribute to her late father, Fan Yew Teng, the unionist, political activist, dissident writer with his trusty type-writer, and global citizen. I...

Trainee docs complain of overwork, shoddy treatment

A group of Malaysian Young Doctors has written an open letter to Dr Ismail Merican complaining of work overload and shoddy treatment. Ultimately, patients...

The law of sedition

Fareedah Hameed reviews a new handbook on the law of sedition edited by Hamid Ibrahim and Nasser Hamid. Sedition: Cases and Materials, 400 pages Editors/compilers: Prof....

G Balasundram

No one is indispensable we often hear, but for PSM, Bala was indispensable, says Rani Rasiah in a tribute to the courageous lawyer. Balasundram...

Aristotle says, “Penang will have better public transport”

Yap Soo Huey urges us to hop on a bus to reduce congestion. Decongesting traffic, she says, is just a state of mind. Penang...

Colonisation again?

The FTA issue is so serious; and the fact that the Malaysian government is taking it so lightly is alarming, says Sarajun Hoda Abdul...

Nobel laureates urge nuclear weapons abolition

Nobel Peace laureates and representatives of Nobel Peace Prize organisations gathered in Hiroshima and came up with a declaration calling for the abolition of...

Aliran Monthly 30:11 editor’s note

Alas, how often do we only recognise true greatness in people after they are gone forever. Maybe we are destined to do this over...

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