1Malaysia: A deconstruction of Najib’s myth

Is there space for diversity that celebrates creativity and innovation in arts and cultures, for honest debates on issues concerning everyday lives, and the...

Aliran Monthly 29:10 editor’s note

Much heated debate – including the memorable exchanges between Nazri and Mahathir - surrounded the Biro Tata Negara controversy. If Umno is not racist,...

Two-party system – and a ‘third force’?

The two-party system is a step towards the further maturity of the democratic status of a country. But it will not automatically solve the...

MPs and rakyat: Who needs whom?

In Malaysia, politicians are rarely held accountable for their misdeeds and those guilty rarely resign, observes our Thinking Allowed correspondent. The absence of shame...

Neo-liberalism and the ‘war on terror’ industry

Farish Noor looks at how the free market and the security industry work together to terrorise the world. I. Neo-liberal economics and the domestication of...

Regretful bigotry and intolerance

The majority of Malays are accommodating, tolerant, and peace-loving; they do not* subscribe to the intolerance propagated by unruly elements in our midst wrecking...

Urban transport alternatives for Penang

To promote environmentally friendly transport options, cheahst looks outside the box for solutions to traffic congestion in the Pearl of the Orient. The need...

Special education: Changing our attitudes

Khor Ai-Na, Akemi Utsumi and Terri Faust take a peek inside an institution for people with disabilities and learning problems and call for a...

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