World Human Rights Day message to the Malaysian gov’t

With tongue in cheek, Angeline Loh thanks the BN government for making Malaysians aware of human rights through its rights violations. In this commemoration...

Establishing an anti-discrimination law in an Asian country

As Malaysians struggle for equality as well, it is timely to look at the challenge facing another Asian country, Korea, which is in the...

Aliran Monthly 29: 9 editor’s note

This special issue features our recent 32nd anniversary fund (and fun!)-raising dinner in Penang attended by close to 700 people. Enjoy the photos by...

Why we need a two-coalition system

The only way to have leaders who are accountable for their actions, to have a fair and just system and good governance is to...

The struggle must continue… change will come

It is critical that this public sphere is expanded so that there can be debate on alternative ideas and insights about our past, our...

Taking a stand

There is no room for neutrality. We must be on the side of truth and justice at all times so that we can have...

Asylum seekers still face deportation threat

Aliran strongly urges the government to stop deportation of undocumented migrants some of whom could be asylum seekers qualifying for determination of their status...

The Pentagon budget: Largest ever and growing

As the resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan has shown, high-tech machines and weapons cannot match the determination of people to control their own future,...

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