People’s Power will win the day

In the light of the recent Abolish ISA rally, during which close to 600 people were arrested, Hishamuddin Yahaya takes comfort in the assurance...

De-militarising democracy and governance in Sri Lanka

Darini Rajasingham Senanayake discusses the challenges facing post-war Sri Lanka as it tries to move from a focus on national security to human security. Sri...

An important task before reporting to police/MACC

On a lighter note, George Aeria tells us what we must do the next time any of us has to report to the police...

Muslim Melanau strongmen rule in Sarawak

Democratisation beckons even in Sarawak, where Muslim Melanau strongmen have held sway for a few decades. As civil society and access to information expands,...

We demand development and democracy

Francis Loh observes that more and more Malaysians are demanding both development and democracy. The deepening of democracy in Malaysia requires the consolidation of...

Democratisation: 10 KPIs for Najib’s next 100 days

The Najib administration seems to be very much into KPIs. To help the premier, a string of civil society activists has laid down ten...

People’s right to information

Malaysia is still lagging behind in the introduction of essential laws to uphold the people’s right to information, points out Hamid Ibrahim. Parliamentary Opposition Leader...

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