Waste not, dump not

Pakatan state governments must look at alternative options for solid waste management that build on public participation, writes Ong Eu Soon. In July 2007,...

Celebrating a lifelong commitment to truth and justice

Francis Loh attended a memorial to honour the late pre-eminent public intellectual, Rustam Sani, who was also an Aliran member. The original invitation from...

Restructuring federal-state relations

As the posturings over federal-state relations intensify, BN Members of Parliament from Sabah and Sarawak have seized the opportunity to flex their electoral muscles....

Are we a failed nation?

The greatest tribute that we all could give the late Rustam Sani is to take the messages in his recently launched book and work...

Aliran Monthly 28: 4 editor’s note

These are exciting times for Malaysia. Following the political tsunami, many analysts have discussed the new political landscape in the country. One crucial area,...

Refugee voices

It's not often we get to hear refugees speak for themselves about the circumstances that forced them to flee from their homeland and their...

Workers, rise to the occasion!

Rising food and fuel prices mean the real purchasing power of workers' wages is plunging fast. What we have seen is economic growth that...

Malaysia’s centralised federal system

Compared with those states in other countries using a federal-state system, the constituent states in Malaysia play relatively limited roles in relation to the...

Rustam Sani 1944-2008

The world that many hope is now coming into being is a world that Rustam would have loved and in which he would have...

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