Empowered Penangites make their voices heard

Feeling more empowered than ever before after the shock opposition win in Penang, civil society activists and other concerned individuals came together to discuss...

A new dawn?

Philip Khoo looks back at the general election and surmises that it wasn’t quite a new dawn but it was a liberation...

Give us this day our daily bread

From mega projects Dr M has come full circle to launching teeny-weeny projects, observes our Loafer. Finally, his Look East Policy appears to have...

Sabah: The more things stay the same, the more they change…

For the first time, national rather than Sabah-only parties have shown that they can constitute a credible opposition force in the state, observes...

Aliran Monthly 28: 3 editor’s note

In our cover story, Philip Khoo analyses the results of the general election. It wasn’t quite a new dawn but it was a liberation...

Time running out for Abdullah

Abdullah Badawi has declared his determination to ensure efficiency, commitment, service to the people and an end to corruption and to pay special attention...

Bapa Corridor

The honoured title of "Bapa Malaysia" was conferred by a grateful nation on our beloved and revered founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Will Abdullah...

Yet more proof these clowns have learnt nothing

Clearly, newly-minted Housing and Local Government Minister, Ong Ka Chuan of the MCA, has not got the message from the general election result, observes...

Dumbos aplenty

If the Pakatan Rakyat does not watch it, sooner than the next four years or so, the rakyat will gather at your gate and...

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