Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Operasi Lalang

A people’s hearing publicly  identifies those who were guilty of transgressions of human rights and acquits those who had been detained. Julian C H...

Why fear greater democracy?

The levels of corruption in all areas of life are evident and marked. The judiciary is in a shambles; the police, customs and immigration...

Cool architecture, cool cities

No amount of wind turbines, green lungs and good intentions can offset the carbon foot print of constructing a “zero-carbon city” - unless you...

Aliran Monthly 27: 9 editor’s note

In our cover story, we look at what is going on in Malaysian society in the aftermath of recent demonstrations organised by lawyers, the Bersih coalition...

Please show us that you still care for Penang

Concerned Malaysians are encouraged to send petition letters to the Chief Minister of Penang to stop the Penang Global City Centre project before it...

An iconic monument to folly

The Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) is being developed by Abad Naluri, a 25 percent-owned associate firm of Taman Equine, which in turn is wholly owned...

No to PGCC! Yes to Penang State Park!

Penang Turf Club land (240 acres) Sold to Abad Naluri ("open recreational space"): RM43 per square foot After re-zoning (to "mixed development"): value soars to...

Restore the Malaysian judiciary’s independence

As dozens of demonstrators, activists, opposition politicians and even lawyers are hauled up on various charges, the judiciary should provide hope for democracy and...

Rise of the military in Burma

Burma is one country with zero democracy. In the light of the bloody crackdown against peaceful protesters there, John Smith Thang recounts the rise...

Gandhi, religion and Indian nationalism

Can we look up to Gandhi to confront the misuse of religion for the political agenda of the mighty at the global as well...

Kami Penan perlu tanah dan hutan

We get to hear two Penan headman, Matu Tugang and Along Joo, speaking for themselves in countering the claims of a logging firm that...

Is ‘Malay cowardice’ really a problem?

Rustam Sani wonders if ‘Malay cowardice’ is really a problem as some once-powerful Umno leaders suggest. Former leaders like Mahathir must begin to accept...

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