Aliran Monthly 27:11 editor’s note

The elections are around the corner! In our cover story, Francis Loh paints a realistic picture of what’s in store for the various political parties and...

Levels of faith: Stone, water and air

Many are searching for clarity in a materialistic world confused by permissiveness, blatant consumerism, unbridled consumption and casino-market economics on one side while poverty, violence and hate...

Gandhi and the spiritual war between Good and Evil

Today is the 60th anniversary of Gandhi's death. In paying tribute to the Mahatma, Mahadev Shankar says that freedom fighters should not worry too...

Is Malaysia going down the Mandalay Road?

Malaysian voters, civil society groups and opposition parties are waiting to see how the Barisan Nasional responds to the clamour for free and fair...

The government must be prepared to listen

Dozens more have been detained today around the KLCC area in connection with a protest by the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes). Resorting to heavy-handed...

PGCC Zero Emission Development (ZED): Reality or hype?

The Penang Global City Centre project has been stalled after a concerted civil society campaign. We must never buy into a developer’s claims so...

Rage against the Machine

Zooming in on what is going in Malaysian society in the aftermath of recent demonstrations organised by lawyers, the Bersih coalition and Hindraf, Khoo...

One people, one nation – Is it possible?

P Ramakrishnan says that ordinary people should vote responsibly so that the BN is not given another huge mandate to perpetuate its arrogance and...

Why the Hindraf approach is misguided

Many of the economic problems facing Indian Malaysians are also experienced by workers of all races in Malaysia – even the Malays. So the...

Treated as deviant even before court hearing

It was meant to be a Hari Raya gathering-cum-dinner attended by staff, employees and guests of Rufaqa' Corporation Penang. But the Penang Islamic Religious...

Aliran Monthly 27:10 editor’s note

Our cover story looks at the Hindraf phenomenon which has set alarm bells ringing in the corridors of power. The Hindraf rally was, in...

Unmuzzle the media

In the aftermath of recent rallies, fiction writer Beth Yahp pens an open letter  to the Prime Minister, urging him to unmuzzle the media...

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