Race and Vision 2020

There is enough evidence to show how language, race, religion and colour are exploited to divide human beings, points out K Haridas.We live in...

Hindraf: A reminder of our communal dysfunctionality

Many social issues related to the Hindraf demands are, in fact, shared by the disadvantaged of all communities, points out Tong Veng Wye.If we...

The time has come for us to act decisively

We have a duty to ourselves as Malaysians, and to civilised society, to say loudly that: enough is enough, says Ambiga Sreenevasan. For the...

Gandhi and the spiritual war between Good and Evil

Today is the 60th anniversary of Gandhi's death. In paying tribute to the Mahatma, Mahadev Shankar says that freedom fighters should not worry too...

Anwar: “I am committed and determined”

Anwar Ibrahim has been campaigning strenuously in the on-going Ijok by-election campaign. But what exactly is his vision for the Malaysian economy and why...

Feedback on proposed Asean charter

Aliran, responding to a request for feedback by the Malaysian Foreign Ministry, has asserted that the proposed Asean Charter should promote social justice and...

Aliran Monthly 27: 2 editor’s note

What does Anwar Ibrahim think of the controversy surrounding Article 121(1A) and the judiciary? In a cover story interview with the reformasi icon, we...

Invalidity pensions denied

How can Socso overrule government medical reports and deny statutory board retirees their invalidity pensions, asks A J Patrick.Employees in the statutory bodies who...

Payback time

Enough has been taken away from the Orang Asli, observes Yogeswaran Subramaniam, and it is now time to give a little back to them....

Is Malaysia going down the Mandalay Road?

Malaysian voters, civil society groups and opposition parties are waiting to see how the Barisan Nasional responds to the clamour for free and fair...

Aliran Monthly 27:11 editor’s note

The elections are around the corner! In our cover story, Francis Loh paints a realistic picture of what’s in store for the various political parties and...

Treated as deviant even before court hearing

It was meant to be a Hari Raya gathering-cum-dinner attended by staff, employees and guests of Rufaqa' Corporation Penang. But the Penang Islamic Religious...

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