Minorities persecuted in Burma

Religious freedom is being violated in the Matupi District of Burma, says John Smith Thang.Having religious freedom means that persons can believe, worship, and...

Hindraf rally: A plea of the dispossessed?

The Hindraf protests are, in effect, a cry of the dispossessed, says Subramaniam Pillay, and this could radically alter the future political landscape. If...

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Operasi Lalang

A people’s hearing publicly  identifies those who were guilty of transgressions of human rights and acquits those who had been detained. Julian C H...

Redeem the judiciary: Appoint Royal Commission of Inquiry

If we love justice, honour the rule of law; if fairness and truth means anything to us; then we must pay heed to the...

Invalidity pensions denied

How can Socso overrule government medical reports and deny statutory board retirees their invalidity pensions, asks A J Patrick.Employees in the statutory bodies who...

Rise of the military in Burma

Burma is one country with zero democracy. In the light of the bloody crackdown against peaceful protesters there, John Smith Thang recounts the rise...

No to PGCC! Yes to Penang State Park!

Penang Turf Club land (240 acres) Sold to Abad Naluri ("open recreational space"): RM43 per square foot After re-zoning (to "mixed development"): value soars to...

Myth-breaking teacher

Prof Syed Hussein Alatas (1928-2007) rubbishedthe colonial perception of "the lazy native" (Malays, Filipinos, Javanese, etc) as a convenient way to justify the project...

Levels of faith: Stone, water and air

Many are searching for clarity in a materialistic world confused by permissiveness, blatant consumerism, unbridled consumption and casino-market economics on one side while poverty, violence and hate...

Aliran Monthly 27: 5 editor’s note

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! In our cover story, as we celebrate and reflect on 50 years of Independence and 44 years of Malaysia, Johan Savaranamuttu...

The fools in developing societies

Syed Hussein Alatas shows that mismanagement, corruption, dowdiness and incompetence are not something new but have been with us for decades without any meaningful...

Tun Ismail: Autocrat or democrat?

Did Tun Ismail preside over a golden age of democracy and liberalism? An Aliran Monthly reader finds Johan Saravanamuttu's review of Ooi Kee Beng’s...

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