Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman: “The Third Man” of Malaysian history

Johan Saravanamuttu reviews a book by Ooi Kee Beng on the political life and times of former deputy premier Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman...

Hindraf rally: A plea of the dispossessed?

The Hindraf protests are, in effect, a cry of the dispossessed, says Subramaniam Pillay, and this could radically alter the future political landscape. If...

An intellectual who recognised political fools

Prof Alatas’ words of wisdom were ignored because they were the right words coming from the wrong mouth, observes P Ramakrishnan. Ours is a nation...

Feedback on proposed Asean charter

Aliran, responding to a request for feedback by the Malaysian Foreign Ministry, has asserted that the proposed Asean Charter should promote social justice and...

One people, one nation – Is it possible?

P Ramakrishnan says that ordinary people should vote responsibly so that the BN is not given another huge mandate to perpetuate its arrogance and...

Rise of the military in Burma

Burma is one country with zero democracy. In the light of the bloody crackdown against peaceful protesters there, John Smith Thang recounts the rise...

Ronggeng girls of the Merdeka era

Shakila Abdul Manan describes a praiseworthy effort at uncovering the untold story of the much-maligned Ronggeng girls while evoking the true spirit of Muhibbah.The...

The fools in developing societies

Syed Hussein Alatas shows that mismanagement, corruption, dowdiness and incompetence are not something new but have been with us for decades without any meaningful...

No to PGCC! Yes to Penang State Park!

Penang Turf Club land (240 acres) Sold to Abad Naluri ("open recreational space"): RM43 per square foot After re-zoning (to "mixed development"): value soars to...

Why Malaysia should ratify the International Criminal Court

What if tomorrow the US seventh fleet positions itself in the Straits of Malacca and begins to rain cluster bombs on our cities? David...

The demerits of privatisation

Imagine if all the toll collection over the years had gone to the Treasury, how many poor people could have been saved from poverty. It...

Viability of Bakun Dam project threatened

Establishing plantations in the 1.5 million hectares Bakun Catchment is likely to threaten the viability of the Bakun Dam and the Bakun HEP, warns...

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