Activists challenge Burmese junta: Release Suu Kyi

Jakarta: A group of activists representing human rights organisations from East and South-East Asia have renewed calls for the immediate release of Burmese democracy...

Time for change

If the ruling coalition is denied a two-thirds parliamentary majority, it would be forced to become accountable, to respect the people’s rights and to...

Why Malaysia should ratify the International Criminal Court

What if tomorrow the US seventh fleet positions itself in the Straits of Malacca and begins to rain cluster bombs on our cities? David...

Full Bench should have sat

The decision by the Federal Court in the Lina Joy appeal by a 2-1 majority cannot be authoritative enough for the decision to be...

Embracing humanity, building justice

Mustafa Kamal Anuar reminds us of the importance of embracing humanity and building justice. He points out that human misdeeds have poured scorn on...

Thinking Allowed: Are dim-wits aplenty in Parliament and state assemblies?

Are there real morons in Parliament and State Assemblies?  It is a severe indictment on those who choose such scumbags to stand for election...

Aliran Monthly 27: 4 editor’s note

In our cover story, Francis Loh looks at the controversy surrounding the competing civil-sharia jurisdictions in the light of the Lina Joy decision and...

Leaks and dislikes of Malaysian politics

Malaysians are paying taxes for the upkeep of  parliamentarians who, unfortunately, at times double up as court jesters, observes Mustafa Kamal Anuar. Life will never...

Federal Constitution must remain supreme

In the Lina Joy decision, the express provisions of the Federal Constitution were made to give way to an interpretation of some form of...

The disenfranchised, disabled and elderly

Is a ruling party that increasingly marginalises the more vulnerable and less fortunate in our society still worth our vote, asks Angeline Loh. I realised,...

Status, rights and responsibilities: What happens when a spouse converts to Islam?

In 2006, a representative of the Attorney General’s Chambers announced in the United Nations that they were studying amendments to the Law Reform (Marriage...

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