RapidPenang must be accountable to people of Penang

Come 1 August 2007, Penang will have a new bus system. The authorities must involve civil society in the state in the planning for...

Aliran Monthly 27: 2 editor’s note

What does Anwar Ibrahim think of the controversy surrounding Article 121(1A) and the judiciary? In a cover story interview with the reformasi icon, we...

Feedback on proposed Asean charter

Aliran, responding to a request for feedback by the Malaysian Foreign Ministry, has asserted that the proposed Asean Charter should promote social justice and...

WANTED: People-centred Asean Charter

Human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration should form the overarching basis of the Charter, a string of Malaysian civil society groups have...

Subashini’s pain, Malaysia’s anguish

Non-Muslim husbands who abandon their spouses and their families and convert into Islam have acted in an irresponsible manner leaving them in the lurch....

The demerits of privatisation

Imagine if all the toll collection over the years had gone to the Treasury, how many poor people could have been saved from poverty. It...

The Security Guard

Imagine being paid RM1 per hour and yet being expected to lay down your life in the line of duty. J John  writes about...

Anwar: “We must encourage open debate”

In this interview, Aliran Monthly gets Anwar Ibrahim to speak frankly about Islam and the judiciary, including the state of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations...

Invalidity pensions denied

How can Socso overrule government medical reports and deny statutory board retirees their invalidity pensions, asks A J Patrick.Employees in the statutory bodies who...

Corruption, our national shame

What is more chilling is the nonchalant attitude adopted by the Prime Minister in dealing with the allegations and revelations, observes Rustam Sani.For the...

Race and Vision 2020

There is enough evidence to show how language, race, religion and colour are exploited to divide human beings, points out K Haridas.We live in...

Ensure non-Muslims’ full access to civil courts

Religious laws cannot be applied to people who do not profess that religion, says Chee Peck Kiat, who reminds judges that they take an...

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