The fools in developing societies

Syed Hussein Alatas shows that mismanagement, corruption, dowdiness and incompetence are not something new but have been with us for decades without any meaningful...

Release all agreements

Sonia Randhawa calls on the government to repeal the Official Secrets Act and implement a Freedom of Information Act.For the full article, click here.

Myth-breaking teacher

Prof Syed Hussein Alatas (1928-2007) rubbishedthe colonial perception of "the lazy native" (Malays, Filipinos, Javanese, etc) as a convenient way to justify the project...

What happens if the tables are turned?

We could become migrants and refugees ourselves when global warming heats up the planet, warns Mary Magdalen Das; so let's treat the migrant workers...

Restore local council elections

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi must pay heed to the numerous complaints against local councils and restore local democracy to the country, says K George.First...

Aliran Monthly 27: 1 editor’s note

Aliran Monthly caught up with Anwar Ibrahim for a frank and in-depth interview on a range of issues. The man has been busy traversing...

New pension plan: A big let down

Cuepacs must take a firm stand and should not compromise the pension rights of public sector employees, says A J Patrick.The government has proposed...

Anwar: “I am committed and determined”

Anwar Ibrahim has been campaigning strenuously in the on-going Ijok by-election campaign. But what exactly is his vision for the Malaysian economy and why...

An intellectual beacon

The late Professor Datuk Dr Syed Hussein Alatas was a prolific scholar and author of great substance whose thinking and works are of universal...

We do have an obligation towards refugees

Instead of criticising the UNHCR, the Home Minister should appraise himself of Malaysia’s obligations and ensure compliance, says Amer Hamzah Arshad.The recent statement made...

Combat crime and protect the public

Instead of intimidating the people at rallies, the police should fight crime and protect the people, says Anwar Ibrahim. For the full article, click...

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