Survival at stake

Mary Magdalen reminds us of the plight of our Orang Asal. She proposes that we move quickly to develop a special curriculum to cater...

Lost on the way to 2020

Khoo Boo Teik comments on how Umno got lost on the way to 2020.  If the goal is 100 per cent national unity, the...

Lifting the paraquat ban – in whose interest?

The government’s move to review the ban on this toxic pesticide seems to imply that industries’ profits matter more than the health of plantation...

Troubling times

The silent majority must wake up and take a stand against opportunistic politicians who are using race and religion to stir the cauldron, says...

The Freedom Film Fest 2006

The Freedom Film Fest, held for the first time in Penang, brought a breath of fresh air into the humdrum of everyday living on...

Why was PNB in the dark?

The impending merger of several major plantation firms raises a host of corporate governance issues, says Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. The announcement relating...

Pity the poor keris

Farish A Noor looks at how the keris, a universal symbol, has been transformed into a tool of racial politics. For the full article,...

Kampong demolition opens villagers

The kris-kissing, self-proclaimed champions of the Malay race were not there to protect the homes of the villagers when the bulldozers rumbled in, observes...

Aliran Monthly 26:11 editor’s note

In our cover story, Martin Jalleh looks back at the last 12 months and highlights the Mahathir-Abdullah spat, the Umno keris affair, Proton and...

Detaining Justice in Malaysia

Delayed and distorted justice in Malaysia goes against the very Islamic values that the present government seems to be promoting, points out Mustafa Kamal...

What is wrong with the NEP?

The most indisputable fact is that we were once at par with Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea in 1970 when the NEP...

Roll on those lazy, crazy, hazy days

These are dark days indeed, literally speaking. Wong Soak Koon pines for the days not-so-long ago that were not so crazy and hazy. Over...

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