Khairy Jamaluddin: A sketch of a young man as a politician

Oxford-educated, journalist, television show producer, and investment banker, Khairy Jamaluddin is clearly a man of many 'talents'. But who is the real Khairy? Were...

Roll on those lazy, crazy, hazy days

These are dark days indeed, literally speaking. Wong Soak Koon pines for the days not-so-long ago that were not so crazy and hazy. Over...

Of stunted minds, swollen heads and shallow characters

Martin Jalleh takes to task those who used irrational arguments to justify their irrational behaviour in disrupting the Article 11-Aliran forum in Penang recently.It...

Reflections on the Ethnic Relations course

We need to listen to be aware of our prejudice and stretch the borders of the self, says Wong Soak Koon in response to...

Where have all the (decent) buses gone?

It's a sad commuters tale from Penang. Half-decent City Council buses have given way to ramshackle bone-shakers and cowboy-style coaches (mini-buses) passing themselves off...

Tan Sri B C Sekhar: A truly great son of Malaysia

A J Patrick pays tribute to a towering Malaysian, the late Tan Sri B C Sekhar, who not only advanced research into natural rubber...

Lost on the way to 2020

Khoo Boo Teik comments on how Umno got lost on the way to 2020.  If the goal is 100 per cent national unity, the...

Aliran Monthly 26: 8 editor’s note

Our cover story focuses on Khairy Jamaluddin, a man of many ‘talents’. But who is the real Khairy? Were he not the premier’s son-in-law,...

Squeezing oil out of workers

The working class would be the most affected group due to the recent unprecedented 30-sen oil hike. On the one hand, the Government has...

Brewing – Formation of a rival to MTUC

Veteran unionist K George sadly reports that a group of five unions led by Abdul Razak Hassan of the Railwaymen’s Union of Malaysia is...

Squeezed and silenced

If the government is committed to uplifting workers, it should encourage them to unionise, says K George. Labour Day falls on 1 May. It is...

Aliran Monthly 26: 2 editor’s note

Our cover stories focus on the recent oil petrol price hike and the crushing impact it is having on Malaysians. Anil Netto takes...

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