Tan Sri B C Sekhar: A truly great son of Malaysia

A J Patrick pays tribute to a towering Malaysian, the late Tan Sri B C Sekhar, who not only advanced research into natural rubber...

Lifting the paraquat ban – in whose interest?

The government’s move to review the ban on this toxic pesticide seems to imply that industries’ profits matter more than the health of plantation...

I have seen “The Last Communist”!

Those who have not seen this movie - and yet have seen fit to criticise it - are jumping to conclusions, says CY, who...

Reflections on the Ethnic Relations course

We need to listen to be aware of our prejudice and stretch the borders of the self, says Wong Soak Koon in response to...

Is there a superior race in this planet?

K George reminds Johor Chief Minister Abdul Ghani Othman that we are all children of the one God after Ghani declared that the Malays...

Artikel 11 tidak pernah membangkitkan isu IFC

Forum Artikel 11 membincangkan isu kehakiman di Malaysia serta menegakkan keagungan Perlembagaan Persekutuan, mengulas Vizla Kumaresan dari WAO.   Merujuk kepada laporan terbitan Berita Harian...

The slide in ethnic relations

Johan Abdullah wonders whether we are now on a new threshold in ethnic relations as he senses a rise in the number of worrying...

Political tsunami in Sarawak

Philip Khoo examines how the opposition managed to make sharp inroads in the May 2006 Sarawak state elections, which saw an ethnic Chinese revolt...

Wake me up at half past six

Khoo Boo Teik explores the "tiff" between former premier Mahathir and Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and looks at the undercurrents that  led to the...

Pity the poor keris

Farish A Noor looks at how the keris, a universal symbol, has been transformed into a tool of racial politics. For the full article,...

The coalition called Article 11: Myths and facts

We carry a piece in Q and A format by the Article 11 Coalition to dispel some of the myths that have arisen following...

Forays into forex: Bank Negara’s RM9.3b loss

This analysis by K J Khoo was originally published in Aliran Monthly in 1993 (Vol. 13 Issue no. 4). We are re-publishing it, with...

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