Aliran CSI

Aliran’s Critical Socio-economic Insights are longer articles that provide indepth analyses of specific issues in the context of current trends.

Najib Razak, dari demokrat ke diktator?

Tindakan keras diambil pentadbiran Najib, kerana rasionalisasi beliau terhadap umum telah menjadi kurang berkesan dan beliau kehabisan langkah-langkah lain (yang lebih lembut) untuk kekal...

Kebaikan parlimen tergantung untuk Malaysia

Di dalam keadaan parlimen tergantung, peluang perlaksanaan pembaharuan di dalam institusi tersebut akan menjadi lebih cerah, ujar WH Cheng. Adakah anda semua akan merasa...

Whatever happened to 1MDB’s Cayman Islands funds?

In the light of the shutting down of Swiss private bank BSI in Singapore, Anil Netto examines what happened to over RM7bn of Malaysian...

In uncharted waters, 1MDB’s fourth auditor faces formidable task

1MDB has gone past the stage of a routine annual audit; a thorough wide-ranging forensic probe is needed, says Anil Netto. Parker who? That...

Four reasons why Malaysia’s healthcare system is ailing

Privatisation has not led to any appreciable savings but has worsened problems like the brain drain from government hospitals, says Jeyakumar Devaraj.

Lies”R”Us: Think before you ‘like’ and ‘share’

Among those who ‘share’ posts on social media, how many bother to check the authenticity of what they are sharing, wonders Mary Chin. When...

Why Dr Mahathir?

Among other things, Mahathir would be able to reach out to specific Malay groups previously considered to be Umno’s traditional supporters, writes Francis Loh....

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