Aliran CSI

Aliran’s Critical Socio-economic Insights are longer articles that provide indepth analyses of specific issues in the context of current trends.

Effective parliamentary committees the way forward for new Malaysia

Empowered select committees could enhance the effectiveness of Parliament and the state assemblies in providing checks and balances on an omnipotent executive, writes Haziq...

A look at the Uyghurs

In this special report, we take a glimpse into the Uyghur issue, which periodically hits the headlines. Who exactly are the Uyghurs and where...

‘Social health insurance’ proposal needs more scrutiny

As we are unable to pay fair monetary wages to workers, the least we can do is to provide healthcare to them at subsidised...

Proposed health insurance scheme: Primum non nocere (‘First, to do no harm’)

If this goes ahead, the public healthcare system will get even more run down and the public will be saddled with high insurance payments,...

Centralised federalism in Malaysia: Urgent need to decentralise

Aliran has made a submission to the Committee for Institutional Reform pointing out the urgent need for greater decentralisation in our heavily centralised federation....

From Kaum Ibu to Kaum Reformasi (Part 2)

In the second of her two-part series, Zeenath Kauser looks at how the women’s empowerment in the early Kaum Ibu movement manifested itself again...

From Kaum Ibu to Kaum Reformasi (Part 1)

Zeenath Kausar trace the history of women’s empowerment in the political process of this land from Kaum Ibu in the pre-Independence era to the...

Time to dream big: Intergenerational deep-change projects for new Malaysia

Many of us will not be around but it is certainly wonderful to imagine such a new Malaysia for future generations. Malaysians today can...

The Youth will set us free

Francis Loh explores the role of Malaysian youth in politics and the coming general election and finds that they are not the problem, but...

BRI, spike in Chinese investments: What are implications for Malaysia’s politics, sovereignty?

With our corrupt regime still in place, a deluge of Chinese investments and the lack of transparency, Malaysians need to be vigilant about these...

Why Dr Mahathir?

Among other things, Mahathir would be able to reach out to specific Malay groups previously considered to be Umno’s traditional supporters, writes Francis Loh....

Harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi

Wawancara dengan Jomo KS, ahli ekonomi, mengenai prestasi dan kedudukan ekonomi Malaysia sebenarnya. Apakah prestasi ekonomi Malaysia lebih baik sejak PRU13? Ekonomi Malaysia telah tumbuh...

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