Aliran CSI 2017

Aliran’s Critical Socio-economic Insights are longer articles that provide indepth analyses of specific issues in the context of current trends.

How a crooked cop scandal spawned HK’s ICAC: Lessons for MACC

Our special correspondent looks at how a celebrated corruption scandal led to the creation of Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption - and what...

The Felda Factor: Why Umno cannot take its ‘vote bank’ for granted

The Felda constituencies offer new opportunities for the Opposition in the coming general election owing to Felda's mounting financial problems and the BN's more...

University budget cuts a sign of nation spiralling downwards

Reducing the budget allocation for public universities and yet sustaining a repressive grip on academic freedom does not make for a sound strategy, writes...

In uncharted waters, 1MDB’s fourth auditor faces formidable task

1MDB has gone past the stage of a routine annual audit; a thorough wide-ranging forensic probe is needed, says Anil Netto.Parker who? That...

Turning middle-age, Aliran forges closer ties with other NGOs, younger activists

Francis Loh reflects on the changing face and role of Aliran after an eventful year for the group.Aliran held its 40th annual...

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