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Aliran’s Critical Socio-economic Insights are longer articles that provide indepth analyses of specific issues in the context of current trends.

Four reasons why Malaysia’s healthcare system is ailing

Privatisation has not led to any appreciable savings but has worsened problems like the brain drain from government hospitals, says Jeyakumar Devaraj.

Old politics trying hard to derail new Malaysia

Allowing ethno-religious arguments to triumph would only feed the flames of division and derail all attempts to create a new Malaysia that...

Langkah untuk meringankan masalah B20

Jeyakumar Devaraj telah menyediakan beberapa syor ringkas untuk membantu golongan yang sedang menghadapi masalah ekonomi.

Downsize humongous PM’s Department drastically

‘Discretionary development allocations’ channelled to this department should not be used as a slush fund; instead, redirect them to bring development to the rakyat,...

Ben Anderson (1936-2015): Scholar-activist in search of truth and justice

Ben Anderson, the author of Imagined Communities and doyen of South East Asian studies, was passionately committed to a scholarship in the quest for...

BRI, spike in Chinese investments: What are implications for Malaysia’s politics, sovereignty?

With our corrupt regime still in place, a deluge of Chinese investments and the lack of transparency, Malaysians need to be vigilant about these...

From Kaum Ibu to Kaum Reformasi (Part 1)

Zeenath Kausar trace the history of women’s empowerment in the political process of this land from Kaum Ibu in the pre-Independence era to the...

Sustainable urbanisation: KL, Penang can learn from Stockholm, Curitiba

From the creative artwork on display in Stockholm's metro system to the efficient bus rapid transit in Curitiba, we have much to learn, writes...

UN ‘sustainable’ development goals hijacking our compassion for the world

It seems like we are all just an active part of the neoliberal reform agenda for a new round of capital accumulation...

Belgium and Malaysia: Similarities and dissimilarities

Paul Lim compares the decentralised federal system in Belgium with Malaysia's heavily centralised federation.

In uncharted waters, 1MDB’s fourth auditor faces formidable task

1MDB has gone past the stage of a routine annual audit; a thorough wide-ranging forensic probe is needed, says Anil Netto. Parker who? That...

Centralised federalism in Malaysia: Urgent need to decentralise

Aliran has made a submission to the Committee for Institutional Reform pointing out the urgent need for greater decentralisation in our heavily centralised federation....

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