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Aliran’s Critical Socio-economic Insights are longer articles that provide indepth analyses of specific issues in the context of current trends.

Pakatan Harapan debacle: A clash of narratives?

Hopefully, the second time around, reformasi leaders will be more aware of the tension between the differing narratives regarding the nature of the...

China’s ascension on the global stage: A Chinese Malaysian’s perspective

Genuine alliances among nations require equal partnerships based on mutual respect and benefits, not fear of retaliation and military threats. Ch’ng Chin...

So what if the economy shrinks 5% in 2020?

The indices we used to assess the performance of the national economy are no longer relevant in the new normal that we...

Coronavirus: Charting the way forward for Malaysia

From the conventional point of view, this year will be a complete disaster - but there is a way out, Jeyakumar Devaraj...

Coronavirus: Is Malaysia’s movement control order turning the tide?

We have reached a plateau, but we must do more to reduce the transmission rate, says Jeyakumar Devaraj. 

Covid-19: Why do some patients fare so badly?

If we can get some insight into this, we can try out various strategies to address the factors that make this group...

Malaysia’s political mess undermines fight against coronavirus

JD Lovrenciear reflects on how the country is coping with the pandemic after the “non-backdoor government” takeover. 

The meltdown of Pakatan Harapan

We need to learn from this debacle and continue working towards a more inclusive and equitable Malaysia, says Jeyakumar Devaraj.

Belgium and Malaysia: Similarities and dissimilarities

Paul Lim compares the decentralised federal system in Belgium with Malaysia's heavily centralised federation.

Why I ❤ Singapore buses

Simon Tan looks at how Rapid Penang and Rapid KL can increase their ridership by emulating Singapore's thoughtful planning and designing of...

How the global economic system short-changes countries like Malaysia

The rules governing the global economy greatly favour the richest corporations and the richest 0.1% of the human population. Jeyakumar Devaraj looks...

Four urgent ways to tackle Malaysia’s obesity problem

Obesity is a complex problem that requires a multifaceted solution, says Noor Asmaliza Romlee. The...

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