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Aliran’s Critical Socio-economic Insights are longer articles that provide indepth analyses of specific issues in the context of current trends.

There were two Batang Kali tragedies – lest we forget

For one tragedy, there was closure of sorts, but for the other, closure remains elusive.

Five key takeaways from the landmark Federal Court judgment on Sungai Ara

This piece is an attempt to make the recent landmark Federal Court judgment in the Sungai Ara case and its implications more accessible to a wider audience.

May 13 and the neglect of oral history and memory studies in Malaysia

An important message in the Life After book is that society must mature and learn to prioritise closure in the aftermath of tragedy.

Mass arrests and resistance movements in Myanmar

By Anusha ArumugamOn 19 January the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners Burma (AAPP) reported that since the 1 February 2021 Myanmar military coup, 2,750...

Malaysia’s stagnant population: This changes everything!

Shouldn't we focus on creating a more sustainable economic model instead of building more and more infrastructure of the wrong kind?

Some poorly appreciated dangers of CPTPP

Limiting the damage caused by the premature ratification of the CPTPP should be a key priority.

Don’t fumble this second chance! Consolidate the reform process

Reformasi supporters, the winners of this electoral round, need to think nationally – for all the people and communities in the country.

Agenda Rakyat/People’s Agenda: Tuntut semula negara kita! Reclaim our nation!

Rakyat dahulu, demokrasi sekarang; People first, democracy now

What is a forest in Malaysia? Common sense and money-scent

How much of Malaysia's 55% forest cover is genuinely forest?

Ayuh kita bergerak dari Politik Lapuk ke Politik Baru bersama-sama

Ayuh bekerja bersama dalam mengiringi Perubahan serta Harapan bagi Malaysia yang lebih baik bagi pilihan raya akan datang.

Happy Lunar New Year … a heady Year of the Tiger awaits…

Let’s work together to usher in Hope and Change for a better Malaysia in the coming general election.

Are corrupt politicians the greatest danger to a country?

by Teh Yik KoonIn one of my criminology classes, I discussed with my students whether corrupt politicians pose the greatest danger to a country. With...

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