Election Courts are worse than the Election Commission!

Justice is not served when election petitions are dismissed on technical grounds, asserts P Ramakrishnan.Yes, the Election Courts are worse than the Election...

Election Courts UNJUST – Aliran Monthly 33: 5 editor’s note

In our cover story, P Ramakrishnan says that Election Courts are worse than the Election Commission – they are not serving the cause of...

Shocker in court: Evidence with ‘blanco’

Observers in court were stunned when an employer in a labour dispute with a migrant worker produced evidence with liquid paper marks on it....

TPPA: No use crying over spilt milk!

Ordinary Malaysians should take the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreeent seriously – and before it is signed, warns Jeyakumar Devaraj.Malaysians from all walks of...

When questioning becomes a crime

Prema Devaraj puts her thoughts in prose.When questioning becomes a crime What will our future be? Will we be truly conscious? What will we really...

Once we were beautiful

Art Harun recalls an age of innocence in the 1960s - but since then, years of political posturing using religion and race have now...

A perverse understanding of human rights

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa calls upon the government to stop the intimidation and persecution of Shias and to allow them to practise their faith....

Coups and junta rule must be condemned

The Egyptian army is wholly responsible for causing the crisis in Egypt, and any junta rule, whether by puppets or directly, is doomed to...

‘Jangan pinda undang-undang sesuka hati’!

Mahathir's advice that laws should not be easily amended sounds a bit rich coming from someone who did not hesitate to amend laws when...

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